What to expect . . .

Things will be mostly as usual, but a few adjustments to our typical Sunday morning routine will help ensure the safest environment possible:

  • In order to help ensure social distancing some programs (nursery service, coffee service, Sunday School, etc.) will be deferred until Phase II begins.
  • Offering plates will be placed at the entrances to the Worship Center rather than collecting the offering during the service.
  • Bulletins will be placed conveniently at the entrances to the Worship Center rather than being handed-out individually by our welcome team.
  • Commonly touched items such as door handles and faucets will be sanitized before worship each Sunday.
  • Staff members and volunteers will evaluate their wellness using the CDCs COVID-19 screening questionnaire before coming to church each Sunday.


How to help . . .

GBC is blessed with a large facility that is more than adequate to comply with the state’s social distancing guidelines if we will be careful to observe the following recommendations:

  • All attenders are encouraged to maintain a minimum of six feet of separation before during and after the worship service. 
  • Those of the same family or household are encouraged to sit together in the Worship Center.
  • Keep at least two rows between you and the person(s) in front of and behind you unless they are part of your family unit.
  • Avoid gathering at the entrances and exits for fellowship so that those entering/exiting can do so without compromising the recommended six feet of separation.
  • Those who wish to wear masks are welcome to do so before, during, and after the worship service, but GBC is unable to supply masks or other PPE.


And finally . . .

Individuals should join the service on-line from home if they have a fever or are otherwise symptomatic, have tested positive for COVID-19 or been in close contact with someone who has, or, if they have traveled internationally or to a domestic hot spot within the past two weeks.