“Those who gladly received his word were baptized . . . . and they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine [discipleship] and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayers.” (Acts 2:41–42)

Worship. Discipleship. Fellowship. These three expressions of faith formed the very heart of the ministry of the first-century church. They also supply the framework for ministry guiding all of the activities of GBC. Explore the categories, below, to discover the ministries of interest to you.

worship ministries (giving)

The essence of worship is giving to God. When we give Him our praise and adoration, return to Him an offering from the blessings He has given us, and, above all, when we surrender our hearts to Him and submit to His word, we engage in worship. The Worship Ministries of GBC provide believers in Christ opportunities to worship the Lord in these ways, and more!

Family Worship Hour

The GBC family meets together in-person and online each Sunday morning at 11:00. The service includes contemporary songs of praise lead by the GBC Praise Band, and a message from the Bible that is relevant to Christian life today, brings encouragement to the heart, and invites all to worship through surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. Opportunity for worship through giving financially is provided by offering plates placed at the entrances to the worship center, and online here.

Families with children of all ages are encouraged to attend the worship service together. At the Family Worship Hour, you will find that dress is casual, the service is informal, and the welcome is warm to all who come to worship the Lord each Sunday Morning.

Music Ministry

The music ministry of GBC is all about glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. The GBC Praise Band comprises Christian instrumentalists, vocalists, and light and sound technicians who use their talents to present an offering of praise during the Family Worship Hour each week. In addition, the team also presents other opportunities for worship through special concerts, productions, and praise events both on the GBC campus and at other churches and venues in the area.

If you are musically trained or gifted and would like to offer your talents in praise to the Lord, contact Bryan Rigney or Isaac Walton (click here), to see if there is a place for you in the music ministry of GBC.


One of the most profound moments of worship in the life of a Christian is the moment he or she publicly declares his or her faith in Jesus Christ through the ordinance of believer’s baptism. It is a visible, physical representation of the spiritual reality that has already taken place in the heart, namely, the surrender of the “old life” to Christ through His death and the receiving of ‘new life’ in Christ through His resurrection. In obedience to the command of Jesus (Matt. 28:18–20) and in worshipful celebration of the new birth, GBC delights to worship the Lord through the ministry of believer’s baptism.

Have you been baptized since receiving Christ as your Savior and Lord? If not, GBC would rejoice to help you take this important step in your walk of faith, obedience, and worship. Simply contact the pastor, directly or through the church office, for more information.

The Lord’s Supper

GBC regularly observes the Lord’s Supper as one of the two ordinances given by Jesus to His church. As the gathered church shares the bread and the juice of the grape, believers are reminded of the body and blood of Christ that was given so that all who trust Him can receive the forgiveness of sin and everlasting life. In truth, the Lord’s Supper (also called ‘Communion’) is equally a rite of fellowship as of worship as believers celebrate the gift of God in Christ, and the life of Christ that joins us together as one body. GBC invites all scripturally baptized believers in Christ to join with members of the in the observance of the Lord’s Supper.

discipleship ministries (learning)

In Jesus’ Great Commission (Matt. 28:18–20), He charged His followers with teaching others how to follow Him, too. Learning is the very heart of discipleship—not merely learning about Jesus, but also learning how to follow Him faithfully and consistently. Learning about can, at least for some, be accomplished through reading and individual study. Learning how, on the other hand, is best achieved in a context that provides opportunity for interaction with other believers. GBC offers opportunities for learning that address both the what and the how of becoming a faithful follower of Jesus in today’s world. Scripture (and experience) speaks of the importance of intergenerational instruction and fellowship (e.g., Titus 2:1–8). For this reason, Life Groups (and other opportunities for worship and fellowship) encourage participation together by adults of all ages so that young and old alike can learn from the Christian life experiences of one another. Of course, God’s word, the Bible is always at the center of true discipleship; every opportunity for discipleship at GBC strives to keep Scripture at the center of learning, and regards its teaching as the final authority.

Adult Bible Study Group—

Sunday Morning Small Group for Adult Men and Women of All Ages

This group meets at 9:45 every Sunday morning for planned study through the books of the Bible led by experienced teachers of the Bible. The group focuses on understanding the meaning of the biblical text in its historical context, always with an eye toward application to Christian life. Adult men and women of all ages are invited to participate in this group any Sunday.

Women’s Life Group—

Sunday Morning Small Group for Women of All Ages

The Women’s Life Group meets at 9:45 on Sunday mornings. The group addresses today’s life issues confronting women of all ages by sharing life experiences, prayer, and focused Bible study to encourage each other in their walk with the Lord. Women of all ages, from high school to senior citizens, are invited to join the group any Sunday.

Men’s Life Group—

Sunday Morning Small Group for Men of All Ages

The Men’s Life Group meets Sundays at 10:00 AM. The group focuses on the issues that confront men of all ages as they seek to navigate their way through life as godly men in an increasingly ungodly world. Life experiences, fellowship, and focused Christian studies help men of all ages meet the challenges of maintaining their walk as followers of Christ. Men from high school to senior citizens are invited to join the group any Sunday.

In-Home Life Groups—

For Men and Women of all Ages

In-Home Life Groups have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back here periodically for information on meeting times and places as these groups begin to resume.

Children’s Ministry—

Wednesday Evening Activities for Children Grades K–4

At GBC, children are loved, treasured, and always welcome. Each Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 7:30 PM our focus is especially on them! We are committed to teaching them the Bible, to loving them with the love of Jesus, and to leading them to a deep and meaningful relationship with Him. In addition to fun activities, a snack is provided each evening (if your child has food allergies, please be sure to notify one of the Children’s Ministry workers). If you are unable to bring your child on Wednesday evenings, GBC provides transportation for children living in Oak Ridge and nearby areas. All children grades K – 4 are invited to become part of the exciting Children’s Ministry at Glenwood.

REFUGE Student Ministry—

Wednesday Evening Gathering for Students Grades 5 – 12

REFUGE is for students in grades 5 – 12, and meets every Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 7:30 PM to study God’s word and enjoy a great time of worship and fellowship. Through the love of Jesus Christ, our student leaders are committed to lead by example, and to care, reach, and share in order to impact the students of GBC and the community for Jesus Christ. Transportation is provided for students in the Oak Ridge area, and all middle and high school students are invited to REFUGE every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM. Exciting things are happening!

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at Glenwood exists to encourage and support women of all ages in their walk with Christ amid the challenges of today. Although some activities of the Women’s Ministry have had to be postponed or temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the women of Glenwood continue to provide an uninterrupted network of caring and concern. Check back here for more information on upcoming activities as the pandemic wanes and normal activities resume.

fellowship ministries (sharing)

Fellowship was one of the defining characteristics of the first-century church. At the heart of the biblical idea of fellowship is sharing. It may be sharing a meal, or sharing a burden. It may be sharing a worship experience together or simply sharing time. Fellowship builds unity, oneness of heart and mind, and a sense of connectedness. Fellowship happens when we share.

Prayer Ministries

Prayer is a vital means of fellowship with God and with one another. It is sharing our hearts with the heart of God in order to come to a place of deeper fellowship with Him. It is also essential to joining God as He builds His church and kingdom. Prayer is weaved into the fabric of every ministry at GBC, but the church also offers opportunities for believers to share in focused prayer together each week:

Men’s Prayer Group—meets at the church on Wednesday mornings at 11:00 to pray for the needs of members, the church, and the nation. Men of all ages are welcome.

War Room Prayer Ministry—meets Wednesday evenings from 6:35 – 7:30 PM. The emphasis for this prayer gathering is listening to God as prayer warriors willing to “stand in the gap” in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children, churches, cities, and the world. Adults of all ages are invited to participate.

Prayer Chain Ministry—GBC uses an automated messaging system to alert and inform members of the prayer team of special or urgent needs as they arise. To receive notifications of these special needs, simply contact the church office.

Helping Ministries

One important aspect of fellowship is sharing the burdens of those who find themselves in difficult times. In addition to spiritual and emotional support, GBC takes seriously the biblical mandate to help those in need.

Emergency Food Pantry—Glenwood provides an Emergency Food Pantry to those in need who do not have the resources to obtain food for themselves or their family. This pantry includes a large range of non-perishable foods. If you are someone you know is in need, please contact the church at 865-483- 7436 (leave a message if no answer). Or you can come by the church office Tuesdays through Thursdays between 9 am and 2 pm. We’d love to help.

Blessing Box—A Blessing Box is located adjacent to the Church’s entry road off North Alabama
Road. The church and fellow Oak Ridgers have kept this box stocked with non-perishable foods, clothes, toys, reading material and other items available to all, 24 hours a day. Our motto is: “Leave what you can, take what you need.”

Glenwood Park

For many years Glenwood Church has owned and maintained Glenwood Park adjacent to the
church. The approximately three-acre open space has been used by generations of “East Villagers” for play, to walk the dog, or enjoy the open space. Efforts are currently underway to restore trees to the parks to further enhance the experience of all who use it. Come and enjoy this part of God’s creation.

Secret City Christian Homeschoolers

Secret City Christian Homeschoolers (SCCH) is a homeschool co-op of likeminded, Christ-centered families. The goal of SCCH is to provide children with extracurricular activities and strong friendships in a biblical atmosphere. Glenwood is pleased to partner with SCCH in achieving that goal by hosting the co-op on the church campus each week. If you are interested in getting involved, reach out to SCCH at for more information.

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